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Baltic Security Puzzle: Regional Patterns of Democratization, Integration, and Authoritarianism  

Edited by , Edited by
Baltic Security Puzzle: Regional Patterns of Democratization, Integration, and Authoritarianism
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Formaat: Hardback, 224 pages, kõrgus x laius x paksus: 239x157x24 mm, kaal: 544 g
Ilmumisaeg: 22-Oct-2015
Kirjastus: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN-10: 1442248521
ISBN-13: 9781442248526
Hind: 67,18 EUR* (Tavahind: 71,53 EUR)
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E-book Kui soovid kohe lugema hakata, siis osta selle raamatu e-versioon (Hind: 57,74 EUR)

Teised raamatud teemal:-International relations - (Hetkel poes: 38 nimetust)

International experts assess the components of the Baltic security puzzle by placing the security and political interests of the states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania within the historical, economic, and political narratives of the greater Baltic region. They first reevaluate Baltic history as a progression of conflict, partial integration, Cold War division, up to today's efforts to build a security community. Next, they focus on economic and social relations by contrasting patterns of democratization, domestic politics, EU membership, and the economics of crime. Lastly, they analyze military security and evolving regional perceptions of threats as well as the dynamics of alliance behavior and the recent geostrategic clashes unearthed by Russia's behavior in Ukraine.


The importance of the Baltic region for Europe's future remains undiminished. It is here where regional issues can quickly take on strategic relevance; where cooperation and confrontation lie close together; and where even the most dynamic political and economic developments have not yet managed to completely overcome a difficult historical legacy. In many respects, developments in the Baltic region will determine whether cooperation remains the hallmark of a European security order that in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea has come under strain. Above all, it may also be in the Baltic region where Russia's European vocation will be facing its ultimate test. The Baltic Security Puzzle explores the complex web of relations among the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, including their differing institutional alignments. It is a treasure trove of solid information and pertinent analysis, both for the expert as well as the interested general reader. -- Michael Ruhle, head, Energy Security Section, NATO Events in the Baltic region are a top concern in European capitals and in Washington. This timely book provides a balanced and cogent analysis of the complex political, economic, and military issues involved. A must read for anyone serious about understanding the security dimensions of this increasingly important and turbulent geographic region. -- Larry Valero Ph.D, director, National Security Studies Institute, The University of Texas at El Paso A timely and essential look at the geopolitical puzzle of the Baltic Sea region. This comprehensive anthology explores both the relevant domestic factors and inter-regional tensions that define the little understood dynamics of this varied social, political, and economic space. A must read for those seeking to understand Russia's motives toward its Baltic neighbors and their efforts to develop and sustain Western institutions and identity. Hampton and Hancock fill a gaping void in European and Eurasian studies with this multi-dimensional analysis of the 9-nation Baltic region. -- Marybeth Ulrich, US Army War College

Krisostomus: 7440010
Klienditugi: E-R 10-18
TÜ raamatupood: 7440017
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