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Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Conifers: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivars and Species  

Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Conifers: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivars and Species
Suurem pilt 
Formaat: Hardback, 1507 pages, kõrgus x laius x paksus: 338x277x99 mm, kaal: 8550 g, 5000 colour photographs, 2 Hardbacks
Ilmumisaeg: 20-Jun-2012
Kirjastus: Royal Horticultural Society
ISBN-10: 1907057153
ISBN-13: 9781907057151
Hind: 202,75 EUR

Raamatut on võimalik tellida. Raamatu kohalejõudmiseks kirjastusest kulub orienteeruvalt 2-4 nädalat.

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Teised raamatud teemal:-Horticulture - (Hetkel poes: 2 nimetust)

An absolutely marvelous and beautifully designed book, this massive two-volume compendium gathers together state-of-the-art information on coniferous plants. Introductory material provides general details of presentation. The main body of the book consists of an alphabetically-organized based on taxonomy series of short articles detailing the taxonomy, habitat, life-cycle, and a plethora of ecological and biological detail about what appears to be every cultivar of conifer known to humanity. Each article is accompanied by several gorgeous full-colour photographs taken on location and illustrating important details of structure and life-cycle as well as placing the plants in their environmental context. This project is unique both in its approach and its thoroughness. Originally planned as a much more limited project, concentrating on the hardy cultivars of temperate areas, it grew in the making to encompass all biomes and tropical cultivars as well. The emphasis is precisely on cultivars, rather than species, but all 615 known species are briefly discussed as well. A glossary, a list of originators referencing the nurseries which were sourced for this project, and a list of references are appended at the end of Volume 2. Of interest to botanists and biologists, researchers and industry workers in silviculture, ecologists and simply tree-lovers alike, this is both an essential source of useful information literally not available elsewhere and a gorgeous record of some of the most beautiful organisms on this planet. Annotation ©2014 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (

Covering all recognized conifer cultivars and species, both hardy and tropical, the two volumes of this extensive and lavishly illustrated book feature names, synonyms, and brief descriptions—as well as information about height and spread after 10 years, where known—for more than 8,000 cultivars and all of the world’s 615 conifer species, plus their subspecies and varieties. The descriptive text is complemented by thousands of color photographs taken specifically for this encyclopedia. The species descriptions follow the most recent botanical classification, with reference to the Royal Horticultural Society International Conifer Register and Checklist, including as-of-yet unpublished data.

Krisostomus: 7440010
Klienditugi: E-R 10-18
TÜ raamatupood: 7440017
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