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Taylor and Francis eBooks  

Taylor and Francis eBooks

Add to your library’s digital collection today with Taylor & Francis eBooks. We have over 25,000 eBooks in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, STM and Law, from leading imprints, including Routledge, Focal Press and Psychology Press.

Complete Flexibility – Choose from Annual Subscription or Outright Purchase with perpetual ownership

We want you to be able to choose the right eBooks for your users. That is why we have created several purchase options. Whether you want to subscribe or purchase outright, invest in whole subject-specific collections or ‘Pick & Mix’ individual titles, there will be an option to suit your needs.


Our eCollections give your users access to a package of eBooks within a particular subject area. Each subject-specific collection is updated with the latest eBooks as they are published, and you can purchase or subscribe to these collections as a whole, or can purchase or subscribe to smaller sub-collections within each subject area.

Pick & Mix

If you don’t see a package that suits your institution’s needs, you can tailor-make your own collection from across our full range of of over 25,000 eBooks. Decide which eBooks you want, whether you want to purchase outright or subscribe, and contact your local sales representative, who will put together your collection and set up access. A minimum number of 25 titles applies.

eFocus Packages

Taking a thematic approach to sixteen disciplines, our eFocus packages are made up of titles hand-picked by our experienced editorial teams. These packages have been created to complement some of today’s newer university courses, which might not be amply covered by subject-specific  collections.

eBestSeller Packages

It is difficult for collection librarians to know which texts are in demand from students and other users. There are just so many eBooks available that it can sometimes become a little daunting. To make your choice easier, we have put together our equivalent of a ‘Greatest Hits’ package for eBooks within popular areas of study. These comprise the 100 top-selling titles across twelve subject areas, from  architecture and Asian Studies to Politics and religion.

You can purchase or subscribe to eBestSeller packages in the following subject areas:

• Architecture
• History
• Asian Studies
• Media
• Business & Economics
• Philosophy
• Classics
• Politics
• English Language & Linguistics
• Psychology
• Geography
• Religion

For a complete rundown of exactly which titles are in each eBestSeller package, please visit or contact us.

Archive and Subscription Packages

When you subscribe to our Archive and Subscription Packages, not only do you gain access to two of our most prestigious frontlist collections, you also gain free access to all of the backlist titles for the duration of the subscription. You retain permanent access to the frontlist titles that you receive during the life of your subscription

These work slightly differently to the eCollections and offer added benefi ts. Not only do you gain access to two of our most prestigious frontlist collections, you also gain free access to all of the backlist titles for the duration of the subscription. What is more, you will retain permanent access to the frontlist titles you receive during the life of your subscription. Per title, these packages are extremely good value for money.

What are the packages and what do I get for my money?

Economics, Business & Management – in this collection you have access to all of the backlist titles from our Economics and Business & Management eCollections. That is to say, over 1,900 backlist titles within Economics, plus over 1,000 within Business & Management. In addition, you acquire all the frontlist titles, which adds up to roughly 160 new eBooks per year.

Politics – this package gives you access to over 2,800 backlist titles within the Politics eCollection, as well as the 250 or so new eBook titles published each year. You will keep the frontlist books in perpetuity.

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