E-raamat: Art of Working with Anxious, Antagonistic Adolescents: Ways Forward for Frontline Professionals

  • Formaat: 176 pages
  • Ilmumisaeg: 18-Apr-2019
  • Kirjastus: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • ISBN-13: 9781784509781
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  • Formaat: 176 pages
  • Ilmumisaeg: 18-Apr-2019
  • Kirjastus: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • ISBN-13: 9781784509781

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The conversations in this book illuminate therapeutic methods. Focused on teenage pastoral care and formed of discussions between veteran counsellor Nick Luxmoore and frontline professionals, it gives rise to new understanding in the art of working with today's adolescents, in a way that is engaging, strikingly frank, and always instructive.

This is a series of surprising and candid conversations held between veteran counsellor Nick Luxmoore and professionals working with young people. Based entirely on stories from the author's experience of supervising frontline professionals, it looks at how to approach young people, the stumbling blocks faced on both sides, and offers invaluable guidance to anyone working with teenagers.

Luxmoore posits ways forward for practitioners which are adaptive and allow them to respond personally, practically and theoretically. From suicide to disordered eating, watching pornography to love in therapeutic relationships, Nick Luxmoore covers a range of problems and phenomena encountered by counsellors, teachers, school social workers and youth workers. One chapter sees a counsellor struggling for questions to ask a boy whose father abandoned his family only to return two years later, another a teacher finding it impossible to know how to speak to a fourteen-year-old with an inoperable brain tumour.

Recounted in a style that motivates, engages and inspires, The Art of Working with Anxious, Antagonistic Adolescents allows professionals to gain a better understanding of their capacity, particularly developmentally and pastorally, and not reach for easy answers or a quick fix. These are lessons in the art of working with today's teenagers.


Using the lens of the supervisory relationship Nick Luxmoore examines the turbulent emotional world of young people. Nick's wealth of experience is evident as he shares his thoughts about what helps and what hinders therapeutic relationships. Given the current focus on mental health in schools this will be a timely read for all hard-pressed professionals. -- Dr Caryn Onions, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Head of Research and Development at the Mulberry Bush Nick is a consummate storyteller and much more. Woven within the vividly narrated supervisory encounters are rich learning points drawn from his years of skilled experience and deep theoretical knowledge. Identifying therapeutic tasks, and addressing sex, death and hatred are just some of the invaluable issues explored. An essential read for all professionals working with young people. -- Anthea Millar, Cambridge Supervision Training and co-author of Practical Supervision: How to become a Supervisor for the Helping Professions

Muu info

A series of dialogues between experienced counsellor Nick Luxmoore and frontline professionals working with adolescents, instilling the need for a greater impact on young people's lives
1 Introduction
2 The Point of Anything
3 Useful Strategies
4 Living with Disappointment
5 Defining the Therapeutic Task
6 Resilience
7 Loving Young People
8 The Rebel
9 Counselling Staff
10 A Girl Not Eating
11 A Professional's Own Experience
12 A Moral Purpose
13 An Outbreak of DNAs
14 Suicide
15 Pornography
16 Disliking Young People
17 Running a Training Session
18 Aggression
19 Telling Lies
20 Caring Barometers
21 A Boy with No Feelings
22 Challenges, Interpretations, Insights
23 Responding to Parents
24 Counselling the Head Teacher
References 166(4)
Index 170
Nick Luxmoore is a counselling supervisor, trainer, teacher, youth worker and UKCP registered psychotherapist. He has 40 years' experience of work with young people and with the professionals who support them, and has authored numerous books.