Academy Stars

Scale the heights of the Academy Stars skyscraper and aspire to excellence with this new seven-level course!

Modern lessons are based on a comprehensive skills and grammar syllabus where English is as academic as it is communicative. Extending beyond just learning a language, Academy Stars prepares students for success on a local and global scale.

Key Features:
  • Strong learning skills strand develops critical thinking, learner autonomy and social values setting students up with skills for life
  • Innovative approach to grammar using visual building blocks of English with ‘Graphic Grammar’ in every unit boosting comprehension and retention
  • Lively reading and grammar animations provide a vibrant and memorable learning experience
  • Regular reviews combine with substantial assessment coverage using the Test Generator and Assessment Pack including CE:YL Test practice
  • Rich reading and visual literacy programme that develops effective language learners, improves fluency and builds confidence
  • Hands-on teaching with the digital Presentation Kit brings your classes to life
  • Strong home-school link through the Pupil’s Practice Kit and a Parent Guide providing advice for continuing learning at home