Insight is a new five-level English course for secondary students. It is a thought-provoking course which will challenge your students to reach their full potential.

insight challenges, develops and inspires your students.
It motivates and engages them with thought provoking topics and information rich texts which will challenge their opinions and inspire them to think critically about the world they live in.
It prepares them for a life of learning with a clear focus on developing their skills and autonomous learning habits.
It gives your students a deeper awareness of how language works, furnishing them with not just the meaning of vocabulary but also the rules that govern its use, allowing your students to use it with confidence.
It gives you a set of interactive online teaching tools to enrich your students' learning, both in the classroom and at home. Integrated video and audio with unlimited practice on activities and the ability to see the correct answer enhances your students' independent learning. You can easily track their progress online and spend less time marking.

Key Features

  • Thought-provoking topics and information-rich texts will challenge your students' opinions, educate them about the world they live in, and inspire classroom and online discussion
  • A coherent and systematic vocabulary syllabus, Vocabulary insight pages, and a ten-page Vocabulary bank and additional online vocabulary practice explore vocabulary in greater depth
  • Culture pages in every unit and related video available on DVD, iTools or the Workbook with Online Practice and the Online Workbook Plus will broaden your students' understanding and knowledge of the customs, traditions, and history of English-speaking countries
  • Optional literature-based lessons in the workbook allow you to enrich your classes with classic English literature
  • All school-leaving exam topics are covered, and exam-like tasks appear throughout to help prepare your students for their exam
  • Flexible Workbook options to suit your students' needs. Choose the print Workbook, the print Workbook with Online Practice or the Online Workbook Plus
  • With the Online Practice, and Online Workbook Plus, students have everything in one place with integrated video and audio and links to the Grammar Reference and Wordlists. You'll also easily be able to follow students' progress and stay in touch with them outside class using the messaging and Discussion tools