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    • 1. E-raamat: Red, Red Robin [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 16-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473225879)
    • When Ruth Lasseter hires an escort to cover for a workplace affair, she lets a deeply disturbed young man into her life. Though she survives the consequence, shes left with the lingering suspicion that he hasnt simply disappeared. Hes still out th... Loe edasi...
    • 2. E-raamat: Darkness Returns [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Guardians Of Eternity
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 16-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Kensington, ISBN-13: 9781516108428)
    • More powerful than ever, the Guardians of Eternity are facing their greatest challenge yet: a war within their ranks. Their future is in the hands of one rebel vampire, who must choose between loyalty and love . . . Blessed with an even more compell... Loe edasi...
    • 3. E-raamat: Nightmare, with Angel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 11-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473225862)
    • After rescuing Marianne Cadogan from an incoming tide on a lonely and forgotten part of Britains coast, ex-con Ryan ODonnell is cornered into helping her escape a supposedly abusive father to reach the safety of her mother. Too late, he finds himse... Loe edasi...
    • 4. E-raamat: Bone Parish #8 [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 10-Apr-2019, PDF+DRM, Kirjastus: BOOM! Studios, ISBN-13: 9781641446099)
    • New Orleans has become a battlezone as the Ash turf war spills out of the shadows.... Loe edasi...
    • 5. E-raamat: Last Ghost and Other Stories [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 09-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Luna Press Publishing, ISBN-13: 9781911143727)
    • The Last Ghost And Other Stories is the latest collection from Marie ORegan. Here you will find ;The Last Ghost, a young girls tale of loss; ;In The Howling of the Wind, a small boy waiting for his parents in a house suddenly grown strange; ;S... Loe edasi...
    • 6. E-raamat: Rain [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 04-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473225855)
    • Lucy Ashdown is a girl with a mission - to find the driver who ran down and killed her sister Christine. Now she has a lead and shes off to London.Disgraced Detective Joe Lucas is as dedicated as Lucy. HIs aim is to bring her home. By any means nece... Loe edasi...
    • 7. E-raamat: Starve Acre [e-raamat]

    • Sari: The Eden Book Society
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 04-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Cinder House, ISBN-13: 9781911585534)
    • Richard and Juliette Willoughby live in an old farmhouse somewhere in North Yorkshire. The place has been called Starve Acre since anyone can remember and there is a local story about there being something buried in the field. A something which pre... Loe edasi...
    • 8. E-raamat: Dedicated Friend [e-raamat]

    • Sari: The Eden Book Society
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 04-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Cinder House, ISBN-13: 9781911585459)
    • Organ donation is in its infancy and Daisy Howard, who is giving a kidney to her aunt, is in the hands of a pioneering surgeon. After the operation, Daisy is desperate to get back to her family, yet the days go by and she remains in the hospital; mea... Loe edasi...
    • 9. E-raamat: Luminous Dead: A Novel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: HarperCollins Publishers Inc, ISBN-13: 9780062846914)
    • "e;This claustrophobic, horror-leaning tour de force is highly recommended for fans of Jeff VanderMeersAnnihilationand Andy WeirsThe Martian."e; -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)***A thrilling, atmospheric debut with the intensive drive o... Loe edasi...
    • 10. E-raamat: Savior [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Black Dagger Brotherhood
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Gallery Books, ISBN-13: 9781501194962)
    • In the next heart-pounding novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series, J.R. Ward delivers a brand-new paranormal passion with the story of Murhder, who returns after his appearance in The Thief!... Loe edasi...
    • 11. E-raamat: Legacy Lost (Hell's Valley, Book 2) [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: ePublishing Works!, ISBN-13: 9781644570470)
    • "e;...the right amount of romance and action all rolled up into one. I cant wait to dive into book three. 5-stars!"e; Fallen Over Books ReviewsPresent Day, Copper River, WyomingGrowing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson has the family... Loe edasi...
    • 12. E-raamat: Legacy of Lies (Hell's Valley, Book 1) [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: ePublishing Works!, ISBN-13: 9781644570456)
    • "e;...brings tension to a fever pitch in the deep woods and plains of Wyoming."e; ~5 stars, Tome TenderPresent Day, Copper River, WyomingGarrison Taggarts psychic lie-detecting ability failed him when his ex-wife betrayed him. Until he can t... Loe edasi...
    • 13. E-raamat: Auguries, The [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 01-Apr-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Severn House Publishers Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781448302079)
    • An unexpected lunar eclipse. A poisonous fog that cripples the capital. Statues that weep blood.As the catalogue of calamities mount, fear and paranoia provoke rumours of terrorist attacks. But from whom?History professor Juliet Harrington is an auth... Loe edasi...
    • 14. E-raamat: These Violent Delights [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 28-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Jessica Raney, ISBN-13: 9781733613217)
    • Emily Wells has a gift.Death.It comes in handy in a post-apocalyptic world filled with murderous plague-infected monsters, the undead, and people that defy description. Shes at the top of her game, dealing death in a lucrative spectacle of violence... Loe edasi...
    • 15. E-raamat: Night Visitors: A Novel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: HarperCollins Publishers Inc, ISBN-13: 9780062852014)
    • The latest thriller from the internationally bestselling author of The Lake of Dead Languages and The Other Mother, a story of mistaken identities and missed chances, forgiveness, and vengeance.Carol Goodman is, simply put, a stellar writer.Lisa Unge... Loe edasi...
    • 16. E-raamat: Guestbook: Ghost Stories [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Penguin Books Ltd, ISBN-13: 9780141971490)
    • Shapton has created a mystical territory - a performance, an exhibition, a guestbook - in which I felt the ghost within myself; the thing that will outlive me. A fearless and exquisite book Miranda JulyGuestbook explores the glimmering, uns... Loe edasi...
    • 17. E-raamat: Follower [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473225800)
    • Joseph Visco had come to the remote Norwegian village to find work. Instead he found terror, lynch-fever and death. A village girl had been murdered and rumour was prevalent that a follower of the Norse myth - half wolf, half man with the power to ta... Loe edasi...
    • 18. E-raamat: Vous ne mourrez pas [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Dans les ventres d'acier
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Editions AdA, ISBN-13: 9782898030505)
    • Janvier 1943. URSS. Cinq Allemands, cinq camarades affrontent lenfer blanc a borddu char dassaut tigre. La bte dacier rencontre dsormais toutes ses promesses. Par le fer et le feu, elle sme la mort et la destruction partout sur son passage. Po... Loe edasi...
    • 19. E-raamat: Laurie Houdini [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Editions AdA, ISBN-13: 9782898032219)
    • Laurie nest pas une folle comme les autres. Georges Tellier, animateur de lmission Aux frontires de la folie, le constate sitt ses yeux poss sur la rouquine. Il est tout de suite happ par la singularit de sa mystrieuse invite. Bien vite, il sa... Loe edasi...
    • 20. E-raamat: L'ombre [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Florentine
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Mar-2019, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Editions AdA, ISBN-13: 9782898031366)
    • Le prince vampire de Raven Wood est revenu, lui promettant son amour et la justice pour tout le mal qui a pu lui etre fait. Lors de leurs retrouvailles, Raven doit faire face a une terrible decision - permettre au Prince dexercer sa vengeance sur le... Loe edasi...
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