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    • 1. E-raamat: Paradox of the Sets: Daedalus Mission 6 [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Daedalus Mission
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 18-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473219489)
    • The final contact made by the Daedalus Mission begins badly, even before the ship makes a hard landing in the middle of nowhere. The situation of the colony doesnt seem to make any sense, and neither does the situation of the indigenous aliens--the... Loe edasi...
    • 2. E-raamat: Predator: The Official Movie Novelization [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 18-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Titan Books Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781785658068)
    • The official novelization of the summer blockbuster The Predator, Shane Blacks new movie with a screenplay by Shane Black and Fred Dekker.For centuries Earth has been visited by warlike creatures that stalk mankinds finest warriors. Their goals unk... Loe edasi...
    • 3. E-raamat: Falling Into Midnight [e-raamat]

    • Sari: The Unsung Name
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 15-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Un'Necessary Apostrophe, ISBN-13: 9781732575011)
    • Oris happiest childhood memories were of exploring ancient ruins with her parents on forgotten alien worlds. Her ship, the More Gravitas, is the only home shes ever known and the only surviving connection to those better days. Together with her Ben... Loe edasi...
    • 4. E-raamat: High Place [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 13-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473219298)
    • In the sulphurous The High Place, the amoral hero Florian enters the sleeping-beauty story and (unlike Jurgen with Helen) does not draw back at the sight of excessive beauty. Complications ensue: Beauty is realistically diminished during pregnancy, t... Loe edasi...
    • 5. E-raamat: Balance of Power: Daedalus Mission 5 [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Daedalus Mission
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 13-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473219472)
    • The planet Attica has two continents: Lambda and Delta. The indigenous alien population being restricted to Delta, Earths colony was planted on Lambda. Before the arrival of the Daedalus, two sailing ships had set out from Lambda to cross the ocean... Loe edasi...
    • 6. E-raamat: Eugenic [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 12-Sep-2018, PDF+DRM, Kirjastus: BOOM! Studios, ISBN-13: 9781641440219)
    • From the GLAAD Award-nominated team of James Tynion IV (Dark Nights: The Casting, Detective Comics) and Eryk Donovan (Constantine: The Hellblazer) comes a new vision of humanitys future in the vein of Black Mirror. When a plague ravages the world, o... Loe edasi...
    • 7. E-raamat: Asgard's Heart: Asgard 3 [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Asgard
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 11-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473219427)
    • The acclaimed science fiction author Brian M. Stableford returns with the final book in his trilogy about a planet that contains thousands of worlds inside it - and the one man who will do anything to penetrate its secrets. The conflict between the I... Loe edasi...
    • 8. E-raamat: 2 Degrees [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 11-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Bywater Books, ISBN-13: 9781612941363)
    • In the year 2092, climate change has transformed the face of Earth. Storms, disease, famine, thirst and war show no mercy on the living. Sharon Clausen, a self-reliant farmer, has a secret apple tree-a tree that keeps Sharon and her wife, Eve, fed. T... Loe edasi...
    • 9. E-raamat: Moderan [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 11-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: The New York Review of Books, Inc, ISBN-13: 9781681372556)
    • A collection of chilling and prescient stories about ecological apocalypse, artificial intelligence, and the merging of human and machine in an effort to survive.Welcome to Moderan, world of the future. Here perpetual war is waged by furious mast... Loe edasi...
    • 10. E-raamat: Girls From Planet Five [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Orion, ISBN-13: 9781473219359)
    • The mysterious spaceship hovered over Washington and the whole nation was alerted. A small craft detached itself from the ship and came down to earth the occupants emerged-a host of lovely ladies from outer space who invade a USA already dominated by... Loe edasi...
    • 11. Audioraamat: Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition [audioraamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, MP3, Kirjastus: Random House, ISBN-13: 9781473565487)
    • Random House presents the audiobook of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Mur Lafferty, read by Marc Thompson.This thrilling adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story expands on the film to include scenes from alternate versions of the script and other additio... Loe edasi...
    • 12. E-raamat: Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Cornerstone, ISBN-13: 9781473563674)
    • This thrilling adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story expands on the film to include scenes from alternate versions of the script and other additional content, giving deeper insights into Han Solo s years in the Imperial Navy, Qi ra s past, and the... Loe edasi...
    • 13. E-raamat: Stained Light: The Gaia Chronicles Book 4 [e-raamat]

    • Sari: The Gaia Chronicles
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Quercus Publishing, ISBN-13: 9781784299668)
    • Astra Ordott tried - and failed - to deny her destiny. The final installment in the critically-acclaimed SF quartet for Hunger Games fans of all ages (Library Journal). Perfect for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin, Joan Slonczewski and Joyce Carol Oates.... Loe edasi...
    • 14. Audioraamat: Doctor Who: The Dominators: 2nd Doctor Novelisation [audioraamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, MP3, Kirjastus: BBC Audio, ISBN-13: 9781787532809)
    • Michael Troughton reads this gripping novelisation of a classic adventure for the Second Doctor. The Doctor remembers Dulkis as a civilised and peaceful place. But times have changed, and his second visit is not quite the holiday he was expecting. Wh... Loe edasi...
    • 15. Audioraamat: Doctor Who: Fortunes of War: 6th Doctor Audio Original [audioraamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, MP3, Kirjastus: BBC Audio, ISBN-13: 9781787532786)
    • Colin Baker reads this original adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor, set in the First World War."e;Youve seen what happens, Mark. You know what time can do if its damaged."e;Travelling alone for once, the Sixth Doctor elects to return to E... Loe edasi...
    • 16. E-raamat: Sky Woman [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Fiction Without Frontiers
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Flame Tree Publishing, ISBN-13: 9781787580442)
    • Car-En, a ringstation anthropologist on her first Earth field assignment, observes a Viking-like village in the Harz mountains. As Car-En secretly observes the Happdal villagers, she begins to see them as more than research subjects (especially Esper... Loe edasi...
    • 17. E-raamat: Spider Silk [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Junkyard Dog Series
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 06-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Timberdoodle Press, ISBN-13: 9781945856273)
    • Spider silk. Lighter than air. Indestructible. No wonder Margarita King wears spider silk skinsuits and wants them for her crew.To get them Margarita must give in to the Spider Womans demand."e;Come to Kwaku."e;Kwaku. Mysterious. Isolated. H... Loe edasi...
    • 18. E-raamat: Thrilling Adventure Hour #2 [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 05-Sep-2018, PDF+DRM, Kirjastus: BOOM! Studios, ISBN-13: 9781641443296)
    • The party inside the Haunted House has somehow descended into chaos. Encountering some spooks, the Doyles will have to perform an exorcism-once they fix themselves a drink, of course.... Loe edasi...
    • 19. E-raamat: Accidental War: A Novel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 04-Sep-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: HarperCollins Publishers Inc, ISBN-13: 9780062467034)
    • Blending fast-paced military science fiction and space opera, the first volume in a dynamic trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of The Praxis, set in the universe of his popular and critically acclaimed Dread Empires Fall seriesa tale... Loe edasi...
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