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        • 1. Come Into Me

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Epitaph, ISBN-13: 9781628752175)
        • From the critically acclaimed writers of THE DREGS and the artist of Image Comics SEX comes a new horror series about body image, social media, and memory. When an entrepreneur with a god complex creates a technology that allows two minds to... Loe edasi...
        • 2. Lone Ranger: The Devil's Rope TP

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Dynamite Entertainment, ISBN-13: 9781524111434)
        • A sparking new adventure from multiple Eisner Award nominee MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones) and BOB Q (The Green Hornet 66 Meets The Spirit)! 1883. The advent of barbed wire is creating havoc in the Texas panhandle. A corrupted state senator cons... Loe edasi...
        • 3. Death or Glory Volume 2: Convoy

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Image Comics, ISBN-13: 9781534312517)
        • Glory and her ragtag crew of truckers and survivors of a brutal organ-smuggling ring are barreling toward the Mexican border. They have less than 48 hours before the liver transplant that will save Glorys fathers life goes bad and the only th... Loe edasi...
        • 4. Barbarella Vol. 3: Burning Down the House

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Dynamite Entertainment, ISBN-13: 9781524111915)
        • Barbarella has been lied to. Worse, shes been weaponized, and someones going to answer for that, for sure. (Well, assuming she survives the judgement of the Esseverine sun-giants, and an armada of a thousand ships...)... Loe edasi...
        • 5. Pug Davis

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Albatross Funnybooks, ISBN-13: 9781949889918)
        • In this early comic work of Rebecca Sugar, creator of the Emmy nominated Steven Universe, she shows the development of a budding young artist in an entertaining, thoughtful read with a lot of heart. All of the elements that Rebecca has come to be kno... Loe edasi...
        • 6. John Carpenter's Tales for a HalloweeNight: Volume 5

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Storm King Productions, ISBN-13: 9780997059991)
        • From the mind of John Carpenter, the man who brought you the cult classic horror film Halloween and all of the scares beyond, and the heart of writer, editor, producer Sandy King comes 12 more twisted tales of terror, tricks, and treats. In v... Loe edasi...
        • 7. John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: TWITCH

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Storm King Productions, ISBN-13: 9780997059984)
        • August 1977. Astronomers detect the so-called WOW signal: a burst of sound from deep space, near the constellation Sagittarius. The signal is believed to be extraterrestrial in origin. The next month, the astronomers send a reply. Boy, is tha... Loe edasi...
        • 8. Duchamp Versus Einstein New edition

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Angry Robot, ISBN-13: 9780857668349)
        • An engrossing science fiction novelette spanning some of the most monumental events of the 20th century, and bringing together two of the most transformative figures of the era in art and science for a contest that could reshape history.... Loe edasi...
        • 9. Forbidden Stars: BOOK III OF THE AXIOM New edition

        • Sari: The Axiom
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Angry Robot, ISBN-13: 9780857667694)
        • The ancient alien gods are waking up, and theres only one spaceship crew ready to stop them, in this dazzling space opera sequel to The Wrong Stars and The Dreaming Stars.... Loe edasi...
        • 11. Frozen Hell: The Book That Inspired The Thing

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 08-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Wildside Press, ISBN-13: 9781479442829)
        • FROZEN HELL is an alternate version of John W. Campbells classic tale, Who Goes There? (filmed as The Thing). Recently discovered among Campbells papers, this version adds another 45 pages to the story. Includes a Preface by Alec Nevala-Lee,... Loe edasi...
        • 12. Always North

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 07-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Unsung Stories Limited, ISBN-13: 9781912658039)
        • Loe edasi...
        • 13. Star Wars: The Galactic Explorer's Guide

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 04-Oct-2019, Hardback, Kirjastus: Goodman Books, ISBN-13: 9781847961020)
        • This fact-packed book-plus-app is an interactive guide to key planets from the Star Wars galaxy. It contains plenty of information, photographs and diagrams on the page, and the latest Augmented Reality technology brings many interactive elements to... Loe edasi...
        • 14. Battle Born: Meridian Divide

        • Sari: HALO
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 03-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Scholastic US, ISBN-13: 9781338280999)
        • The war rages on in the next installment of the first-ever official YA series based on the megahit Halo video games!Its been three months since the colony world of Meridian was invaded by the alien alliance known as the C... Loe edasi...
        • 15. DEV1AT3 (DEVIATE)

        • Sari: Lifelike
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 03-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: HarperCollins, ISBN-13: 9780008301415)
        • Book two of the thrilling new series by internationally bestselling author of The Nevernight Chronicle and the Illuminae Files `EVERY KIND OF BADASS Laini Taylor... Loe edasi...
        • 17. Dragon Heart

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 03-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Gollancz, ISBN-13: 9781473212176)
        • For readers of Cormac McCarthy and Justin Cronin, this is the story of one familys battle for survival in a world where evil has already won.... Loe edasi...
        • 18. Cage of Souls

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 03-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Head of Zeus, ISBN-13: 9781788547383)
        • Humanity clings to life on a dying Earth. Stefan Advani - rebel, outlaw, prisoner, survivor - bears witness to the desperate struggle for existence between life old and new.... Loe edasi...
        • 19. North Main

        • Sari: Divided States
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 03-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Corvus, ISBN-13: 9781782399025)
        • The second and final instalment in a stunning high-concept post-apocalyptic series in the vein of The Passage by Justin Cronin and Wool by Hugh Howey.... Loe edasi...
        • 20. Rejoice

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 03-Oct-2019, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Gollancz, ISBN-13: 9781473223820)
        • An astonishing, provocative, beautifully written and startlingly visionary novel of first contact from a key genre writer... Loe edasi...
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