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        • 1. Case of the Missing Hello House

        • Sari: Bebe Barber Mystery
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Surrey Books,U.S., ISBN-13: 9781572842465)
        • BeBe Barber uses high energy, lots of humor, and her big heart to solve a culturally significant mystery in this, the first in a series of spirited chapter books--initiating a young African American girl into the ranks of kid sleuths who rely o... Loe edasi...
        • 2. Weaver

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Andersen Press Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781783447497)
        • Stanley is a spider, a weaver and a collector. On his web he collects seeds, twigs, leaves and all kinds of precious things he cannot name. Stanley is very proud of his collection, but what can one tiny spider do when it is washed away? In this stunn... Loe edasi...
        • 3. Lucas (2019 reissue) 4th edition

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Chicken House Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781912626472)
        • Caitlins world comes alive from the moment she sees Lucas. But to others, he quickly becomes an object of jealousy, prejudice and hatred. Caitlin tries to make sense of the injustice that lurks at every unexpected twist and turn, until she realises... Loe edasi...
        • 4. Far To Go

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: HarperCollins, ISBN-13: 9780007349616)
        • Margaret Thursday, the unforgettable heroine of Thursdays Child stars in this classic childrens adventure from Noel Streatfeild, the beloved author of Ballet Shoes.... Loe edasi...
        • 5. Eating Chips with Monkey

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Piccadilly Press, ISBN-13: 9781848127371)
        • Ten-year-old Daniel is never happier than when he is eating chips. When an impromptu trip to a chip shop seems to briefly engage Daniel with the real world, the family decide to revisit their Chip Shop Championships, on a quest to find the be... Loe edasi...
        • 6. Create by Sticker: Hogwarts

        • Sari: From the Films of Harry Potter
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Scholastic US, ISBN-13: 9781338597554)
        • This sticker book is just like magic! Match stickers to their corresponding pages and reveal 10 magical scenes, straight from the films of Harry Potter!... Loe edasi...
        • 7. Werewolf in Riverdale (Archie Horror, Book 1)

        • Sari: Archie Horror
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Scholastic US, ISBN-13: 9781338569124)
        • Everyone knows the characters from Riverdale: popular Archie Andrews, girl-next-door Betty Cooper, angsty Jughead Jones and the sophisticated Veronica Lodge. But this is not the Riverdale you know and love. Inspired by the iconic Archie Horror... Loe edasi...
        • 8. Sky Ship and other stories: A Bloomsbury Reader

        • Sari: Bloomsbury Readers
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Education, ISBN-13: 9781472967817)
        • McCaughrean is one of the greatest living childrens authors. (The Bookseller) Brilliant historical fiction from double Carnegie Medal winner Geraldine McCaughrean. From ships that sail in a sea in the sky and children who witness the dea... Loe edasi...
        • 10. Pinocchio

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Hardback, Kirjastus: Palazzo Editions Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781786750365)
        • Loe edasi...
        • 12. Lost

        • Sari: House of Night Other Worlds
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Head of Zeus, ISBN-13: 9781838933845)
        • A spin-off series from the House of Night series. In the Other World, Zoeys brother is using Old Magick, unaware of the dangers it holds. She knows she must help him. Though, in doing so, she may just have to lose those she loves...... Loe edasi...
        • 13. Crown of Smoke

        • Sari: Shadowscent
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Scholastic, ISBN-13: 9781407195063)
        • The exciting conclusion to the Shadowscent duology! A prince in hiding. An imposter regent. An empire on the brink.... Loe edasi...
        • 14. Pieces of Ourselves

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Usborne Publishing Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781474940696)
        • Flora doesnt do people since the Incident that led to her being diagnosed with bipolar II. Until Hal arrives. Hes researching a missing World War I soldier and wants Floras help. Working with Hal is Floras worst nightmare, yet as they pie... Loe edasi...
        • 15. Train Mouse

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Hardback, Kirjastus: Andersen Press Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781783449583)
        • When Nibbles, an inquisitive young mouse, scampers onto a waiting train at the local station, little does he know he is about to be swept along on a cross-country adventure.... Loe edasi...
        • 16. Imagine Me

        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Electric Monkey, ISBN-13: 9781405297042)
        • The book that all SHATTER ME fans have been waiting for is finally here. The finale of Tahereh Mafis New York Times bestselling YA fantasy series perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Victoria Aveyards The Red Queen, Stranger Things and Leigh Ba... Loe edasi...
        • 17. On the Ghost Trail: A Bloomsbury Reader

        • Sari: Bloomsbury Readers
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Education, ISBN-13: 9781472967350)
        • A spooky comedy from Chris Powling with hilarious illustrations by Loretta Schauer. Perfect for fans of Amelia Fang and Knitbone Pepper. A ghost has been haunting Bens grandpas house with cobweb trails and the TAP-TAP-TAP of its heartbeat. S... Loe edasi...
        • 18. Detective Dan: A Bloomsbury Reader

        • Sari: Bloomsbury Readers
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Education, ISBN-13: 9781472967305)
        • A quirky school comedy from Vivian French. Perfect for fans of Wigglesbottom Primary and Kes Greys Daisy books. When Dan gets into trouble at school for being untidy, he teams up with his best friend Billy to find out whos throwing his lunch... Loe edasi...
        • 19. Harry's House of Invention: A Bloomsbury Reader

        • Sari: Bloomsbury Readers
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Education, ISBN-13: 9781472967558)
        • A quirky comedy about a family of inventors by Rachel Anderson with brilliant illustrations from Chris Jevons. Harry lives in a house full of inventors and experiments. So when he breaks his arm, his mum installs a reaching, grabbing and twirl... Loe edasi...
        • 20. Finding Fizz: A Bloomsbury Reader

        • Sari: Bloomsbury Readers
        • (Ilmumisaeg: 02-Apr-2020, Paperback / softback, Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Education, ISBN-13: 9781472967374)
        • Real-life drama about finding your real friends, perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson. Carly used to be part of the Funny Five until her so-called friends started making fun of her and pretending that she wasnt there. Now Carly isnt her b... Loe edasi...
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