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    • 1. Kevin Coggins: Blues Drums Play-Along Trax

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 28-Jun-2017, Noodilehed, Kirjastus: Mel Bay Publications, ISBN-13: 9780786696758)
    • Blues Drums Play-Along Trax , within the School of the Blues Lesson Series, is an exciting play-along that contains the most common grooves used in blues bands today. All of the examples are minus the Drums and you can place in whichever drum pattern... Loe edasi...
    • 2. Steve Fidyk: The Drum Set Smart Book

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 24-Mar-2017, Noodilehed, Allalaadimised, Kirjastus: Mel Bay Publications, ISBN-13: 9780786698875)
    • Full of essential tips and exercises to improve a drummers most important techniques, The Drumset SMART (Style-Mechanics-Applications-Routines-Tips) book is a text with easy to understand terminology. Steve explains the mechanics and musical aspects... Loe edasi...
    • 3. John Pickering: Drummer's Cookbook

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 11-Dec-2015, Noodilehed, Kirjastus: Mel Bay Publications, ISBN-13: 9780786692859)
    • Take your creativity to another level with this book! Rock music is, or should be, a form of personal expression. This text was written to encourage and develop the Drummers ability to create and develop their own ideas from a solid foundation. This... Loe edasi...
    • 4. Studies For Cajon

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 23-Sep-2015, Noodilehed, Kirjastus: Mel Bay Publications, ISBN-13: 9780786688692)
    • Dont want to lug an entire Drum kit on stage? Want to play unplugged without drowning out your band mates? The Cajon, the smallest drum kit in the world, is the perfect powerful accompaniment instrument to any kind of band, be it blues, hip hop, boo... Loe edasi...
    • 5. Walter D. Sweet: Complete Music For The Fife And Drum (Book/Online Audio)

    • Sari: Complete
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 01-Sep-2015, Noodilehed, Allalaadimised, Kirjastus: Mel Bay Publications, ISBN-13: 9780786689842)
    • This historical collection contains 78 tunes, including some Civil War selections as well as many other traditional favourites. Each arrangement features harmony, style marks and Guitar chords. The music is supplemented with histories of the tunes a... Loe edasi...
    • 6. I Used To Play Drums

    • Sari: I Used To Play
    • (Ilmumisaeg: , Noodilehed, CD, Kirjastus: Carl Fischer, ISBN-13: 9780825883590)
    • For former drummers who miss jamming on the kit, its time to dust off the old sticks and revisit those good times with I Used to Play Drums : An Innovative Method for Adults Returning to Play. This book will reacquaint people with their instrument b... Loe edasi...
    • 7. Quick Guide To Playing The Doumbek

    • (Ilmumisaeg: , DVD (Region 0), Kirjastus: Carl Fischer, ISBN-13: 9780825854637)
    • The popular Middle Eastern Doumbek drum is demonstrated in this hour-long tutorial. A set of progressive lesson introduces the correct playing technique as Todd Roach guides you through the Dun, Ta, Ka and slap tones. Further lessons introduce exerci... Loe edasi...
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