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Climate Change and Clean Energy Management: Challenges and Growth Strategies [Kõva köide]

  • Formaat: Hardback, 182 pages, kõrgus x laius: 234x156 mm, kaal: 440 g
  • Ilmumisaeg: 06-Nov-2019
  • Kirjastus: Routledge
  • ISBN-10: 1138484881
  • ISBN-13: 9781138484887
  • Kõva köide
  • Hind: 60,30 €
  • Lisa soovinimekirja
  • Raamatut on võimalik tellida. Raamatu kohalejõudmiseks kirjastusest kulub orienteeruvalt 2-4 nädalat.
  • Lisa ostukorvi
  • Kogus:
  • Tasuta tarne
  • Tellimisaeg 2-4 nädalat
  • Raamatukogudele
  • Formaat: Hardback, 182 pages, kõrgus x laius: 234x156 mm, kaal: 440 g
  • Ilmumisaeg: 06-Nov-2019
  • Kirjastus: Routledge
  • ISBN-10: 1138484881
  • ISBN-13: 9781138484887

Climate change has never been more important than it is now, as it has become arguably the world's most urgent problem. Solving this problem is proving difficult and complex as it involves joint efforts by governments, companies, communities and innovators. The increased use of fossil fuels associated with global economic growths has led to rising GHG emissions and global warming. There are many challenges for countries that are enacting new climate and clean energy regulations in line with their Paris Agreement commitments and good government policies and corporate strategies are essential to support these efforts as part of the global climate change crisis.

This important book addresses the latest climate change impacts and developments in potential mitigation strategies. These include fossil to clean energy transition, smart low carbon city designs, green transportation, electric vehicles, green agriculture, carbon emission trading, carbon capture solutions plus climate finance and risk management. Potential new policies and strategies to support the successful implementation of these important strategic areas are discussed together with high level country and business case examples.

This book is essential reading for policy makers, government employees, business executives, professionals, researchers and academics alike looking to affect change to global climate and energy policies.

Author's notes vi
About the author vii
Preface viii
Acknowledgements x
1 Climate change global developments and impacts
2 Climate change global outlooks and implications
3 Climate change global policies management
4 Climate change sustainable transport management
5 Climate change electric vehicle growth management
6 Climate change green agriculture growth management
7 Carbon emissions trading systems management
8 Carbon capture and storage and utilisation innovation management
9 Climate finance and climate risk management
Bibliography 155(16)
Glossary 171(4)
Index 175
Henry K. H. Wang is an international adviser, author and speaker with extensive high-level business experience. He is President of Gate International and a former director of both Shell China and SABIC in Riyadh. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA and Fellow of Institute of Chemical Engineering. He has been invited to join the London University SOAS Advisory Board and Imperial College Grantham Climate Change Stakeholder Committee plus China Carbon Forum. He has published three books as well as over 100 papers and speeches globally. He has been invited to speak at international conferences, leading universities and business schools around the world.

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