Creative Arts in Governance of Urban Renewal and Development [Kõva köide]

(Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

This book focuses on the role of the creative sector in the governance of urban renewal and economic development initiatives.

Rory Shand examines the ways in which both the top-down nature of the creative sector, and the bottom-up roles of creative arts organisations, drive development and engage with local communities or areas in regeneration projects that target employment, training and education, as well as social engagement. Underpinning these projects are governance mechanisms, through delivery, funding and participation. Drawing on case studies from the UK, Germany and Canada, Shand compares national creative sector policies and creative arts bodies engaged in the governance of urban renewal and development programmes, as well as including a comparative chapter offering an overview of best and worst practice, which also examines and summarises the key themes across both theory and practice. In his concluding remarks, he highlights and discusses the key challenges posed by governance mechanisms to urban renewal and economic development programmes and identifies future comparative case studies in the field.

This book will be of great interest to students of environmental studies, public policy and politics and geography, as well as being a relevant resource for practitioners from NGOs, local and national levels of governments and community projects.

List of Tables List of Boxes Acknowledgements
1. The Creative Arts in Governance of Urban Renewal and Development
2. Creative Sector and Economic Development: Governance, Funding, and Delivery
3. Governance and Institutional Context: Policy, Behaviour and Communities
4. UK: Take A Part
5. Germany: From Creative and Cultural Industries to Refugees' Kitchen
6. Canada: The Creative Inter Cities Network to Artscape
7. Comparing across the Creative Sector: Governance, Best practice and Communities
8. The Creative Sector and Economic Development: Global Cases, Next Steps, and Reframing Theory Index
Rory Shand is Reader in Political Economy, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

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