Employer Brand: Bringing the Best of Brand Management to People at Work illustrated edition [Kõva köide]

  • Formaat: Hardback, 232 pages, kõrgus x laius x paksus: 238x167x21 mm, kaal: 528 g, Illustrations
  • Ilmumisaeg: 23-Sep-2005
  • Kirjastus: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
  • ISBN-10: 0470012730
  • ISBN-13: 9780470012734
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  • Formaat: Hardback, 232 pages, kõrgus x laius x paksus: 238x167x21 mm, kaal: 528 g, Illustrations
  • Ilmumisaeg: 23-Sep-2005
  • Kirjastus: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
  • ISBN-10: 0470012730
  • ISBN-13: 9780470012734
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Levels of 'employer brand awareness' are rising fast across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, as leading companies realise that skilled, motivated employees are as vital to their commercial success as profitable customers and apply the principles of branding to their own organization. Starting with a review of the pressures which have generated current interest in employer branding, this definitive book goes on to look at the historical roots of brand management and the practical steps necessary to achieve employer brand management success - including the business case, research, positioning, implementation, management and measurement. Case studies of big-name employer brand stories include Tesco, Wal-Mart, British Airways and Pr?t a Manger.


"...not just an eloquent brand management...text but one of the wisest management books in the past five years." (Independent on Sunday, 20th November 2005) "...the authors offer an intellectual framework, a fresh focus and a stimulating guide...an impressive wake-up call..." (People Management, 10th November 2005) "...packed with insight and alarming statistics, it will also prove a great tool for any HR professional..." (Strategic HR Review, 1st November 2005) "...useful for HR professionals, managers...and graduates seeking guidance on the kind of company to work for." (The Marketer (CIM), Jan 06) "...provides inspirational insights into the rationale for employer brand management." (Personnel Today, 17th Jan 06) "...easy to read ... very useful ... contains great case studies and useful tips on how to build coherent brand framework ..." (Personnel Today, April 2006) "...interesting insights..." (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, June 2006)

 1         Birth of an Idea.
2          Changing Needs and Aspirations of Employees .
3          Investors Awaken.
4          The People Management Challenge.
5          The role of leadership.
6  Brand Fundamentals.
Functional Benefits.
Emotional Benefits.
Higher Order Benefits, Brand Values and DNA .
Brand Personality.
Brand Positioning and Differentiation.
Brand Hierarchy.
Brand Vision and Brand Reality.
Brand Management and Development.
Brand Consistency and Continuity.
Brand Development.
 7    The Business Case
Major Benefits of Employer Branding.
Lower Costs.
Customer Satisfaction.
Financial Results.
Young, Fast Growing Companies: Attracting ‘The Right Stuff.’
Coming of Age: Capturing the Organisational Spirit.
Going International: Translating the Employer Brand into New Contexts.
Merger and Acquisition: Forging a Shared Sense of Identity and Purpose.
Corporate Reinvention: refreshing the Self-Image.
Revitalizing the Customer Brand Proposition: Living the Brand.
Burning Platform: Re-instilling Fresh Belief.
Benefits to the HR Function.
Benefits to the Internal Communications Function.
Benefits to the Marketing Function.
Winning Support from the Top.
 8     Employer Brand Insight
Employee Insights.
Employee Engagement and Commitment.
Correlation Analysis.
Continuous Research.
Culture Mapping.
Brand Roots.
Projective and Enabling Techniques.
Communication Audits.
Additional Sources.
Labour Market Insights.
Clarifying the Target Market.
Needs and Aspirations.
Employer Brand Image.
 9    Employer Brand Positioning
Brand Identity.
Parent .
Brand Integration (Customer and Employer Brands).
Corporate Brand Hierarchy (Parent and Subsidiary).
The Key Components of the Positioning Model.
The Brand Reality model.
The Brand Vision Model.
Target Employee Profiles.
The Employer Brand Proposition.
Employee Value Propositions.
Reasons to believe.
10   Employer Brand Communication
Internal Launch.
Rational Understanding.
Emotional Engagement.
Employee Commitment and Behaviour Change.
11   Employer Brand Management
Big Picture: Policy.
External Reputation.
Internal Communication.
Senior Leadership.
Corporate Social Responsibility.
Internal Measurement Systems.
Service Support.
Local Picture: Practice.
Recruitment and Induction.
Team Management.
Performance Appraisal.
Learning and development.
Reward and Recognition.
Working Environment.
The Key Responsibilities of Employer Brand Management.
 12   The Durability of the Employer Brand Concept.
Appendix 1: Reuters Case Study.
Appendix 2: Tesco Case Study.
Appendix 3: Extract from Greggs Plc’s.

Simon Barrow and Richard Mosley are colleagues in the London based management consultancy People in Business, whose work with senior managers to improve their organisation's performance is driven by the thinking in this book. Simon Barrow was a brand manager at Best Foods (now Unilever) and Colgate-Palmolive before becoming CEO of an advertising agency within the Charles Barker Group, where his growing involvement with HR sparked his creation of the Employer Brand concept and subsequent research with London Business School. Richard Mosley has been involved in brand strategy development and implementation for nearly twenty years, including eight years with WPP's marketing consultancy Added Value where he led the internal marketing practice. Both authors share a belief in the need for marketing and HR to work together more effectively, especially in businesses which rely on people to deliver the customer brand experience. People in Business's recent clients include BP, British Airways, Hiscox, John Lewis, Man Investments and Unilever.

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