GCSE Performance Pieces - Guitar [Noodilehed, CD]

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The GCSE Performance Pieces series provides an exciting contemporary repertoire levelled specifically for GCSE performance examinations, accompanied by expert commentary to help your students prepare and achieve their potential with material they really want to play. This book is for the Guitar . Each book in the GCSE Performance Pieces  series has been compiled by an experienced instrumental teacher/examiner, and overseen by our Series Editor, Andrew Coxon, who is a senior GCSE examiner and an experienced classroom teacher. The songs have been carefully chosen to provide students with the best opportunity to show off their instrument and skills, with a broad range of artists and styles to choose from. This Guitar book includes: Pieces that are suitable for all exam boards Ten songs from a range of genres and styles with differing difficulties that are appropriate for GCSE level A CD accompaniment of professionally recorded backing tracks, so you can hear how each song should sound.  A great selection of songs is included in this book, with some old favourites, some contemporary classics, and tunes that will work really well on acoustic or electric Guitars. Featuring Don't Look Back In Anger  by Oasis, Back In Black  by AC/DC, Pinball Wizard  by The Who as well as The Pretender  by Foo Fighters, and many more. The songs included in the book correspond roughly to Grades 3 to 6, allowing you to select a piece that you are familiar with, but also that you will be able to play well and comfortably. Each tune features a useful page of essential information, giving you performance tips and recommended listening. Helpfully, a  YouTube playlist has been created containing all the songs in the book, along with additional suggested listening such as interesting cover versions or other songs for cultural context, allowing the student to explore ideas for their own interpretation.
1 Here, There and Everywhere 2 Take Me Out 3 Don't Look Back In Anger 4 The Pretender 5 Pinball Wizard 6 Back In Black 7 Black Betty 8 Hanuman 9 Tears In Heaven 10 Reelin' In The Years
Brian Ashworth has been performing as a guitarist for 36 years, initially self-taught (coming from an era where popular music had no roots in the education system in England), he wrote and toured with a Rock/Punk Band called Relay before studying classical guitar at The London College of Music. He has continued to broaden his musical interests and skills as a musician be it the study of Jazz, learning to play the drums, teaching ukulele, working in musical theatre, or playing various string instruments on TV adverts. Having played and recorded as a soloist and in many types of ensemble over the years, he has in the past decade returned to his first instrument and his interest in the electric guitar. Brian's work with Rockschool as an examiner has led to numerous presentations and workshops throughout the world, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Canada, Dubai and Jordan, and he was made a senior examiner in April 2006. He also currently teaches guitar, bass and drums in Brighton. Brian was the first member of his family to have that all-encompassing desire to explore music as a teenager, but he has over a period of time and with a great sense of pleasure, seen his three children and numerous students, express a similar passion for that great art form that is music.