Hellenostephanos. Humanist Greek in Early Modern Europe: Learned Communities Between Antiquity and Contemporary Culture [Pehme köide]

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  • Formaat: Paperback / softback, 472 pages, kõrgus x laius: 239x164 mm, kaal: 285 g
  • Ilmumisaeg: 30-Jun-2018
  • Kirjastus: University of Tartu Press
  • ISBN-10: 9949777585
  • ISBN-13: 9789949777587
The rebirth of Ancient Greek in Europe was promoted by Humanist education and ideas to such an extent that we can consider the Greek language as a formative element of Humanist culture. Next to Latin, the default common language, a Humanist has to know and use Greek, because he is not, cannot and will not be a barbarian: βάρβαρος οὐ πέλομαι, as Julius Caesar Scaliger claimed in his verses in 1600.

Wreaths (στέφανοι) have been the symbols of the cult of Muses from ancient times. After the love for Greek Muses had been revived by Renaissance Humanist poets and scholars, it has remained with us both in poetic activity and in scholarship. The Hellenostephanos volume presents a collection of papers by scholars who study Humanist Greek, aspiring towards another revival of Hellenism, and trying to avoid being barbarians.

The volume includes papers by Christian Gastgeber, Gita Bçrziòa, Janika Päll, Charalampos Minaoglou, Erkki Sironen, Kaspar Kolk, Tua Korhonen, Johanna Akujärvi, Bartosz Awianowicz, Jean-Marie Flamand, Walther Ludwig, Alessandra Lukinovich, Martin Steinrück, Tomas Veteikis, Grigory Vorobyev, Vlado Rezar, Pieta van Beek, and Antoine Haaker.
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I The transmission of Humanist Greek: regional accounts
Transalpine Greek Humanism (Pannonian Area) A Methodological Approach
Christian Gastgeber
16th-17th-century Humanist Greek Texts at the Academic Library of the University of Latvia
Gita Berzina
Humanist Greek in Early Modern Estonia and Livonia: The Contexts and Principal Genres
Janika Pall
II The dissemination of Greek: language, texts and theory
Anastasius Michael Macedo and His Speech on Hellenism
Charalampos Minaoglou
"Dialectal" Variation in Humanist Greek Prose Orations in the Great Empire of Sweden (1631-1721)
Erkki Sironen
Dissemination and Survival of a Book Printed in 17th-century Tartu: The Case of Johannes Gezelius' Lexicon Graeco-Latinum (1649)
Kaspar Kolk
Classical Authors and Pneumatological Questions Greek Dissertations Supervised by Johannes Gezelius the Elder at the University of Tartu (Academia Gustaviana, 1644-1647)
Tua Korhonen
Xenophon and Aesop for Swedish Youth On the Earliest Printed Translations of Ancient Literature in Sweden
Johanna Akujarvi
Between Hermogenes, Cicero and Quintilian: George of Trebizond's Latinization of Greek Rhetorical Terms Related to Ideas of Style
Bartosz Awianowicz
III Humanist Greek in and for poetry
Les epitres grecques preliminaires de I'helleniste francais Jean Cheradame dans son edition d'Aristophane (Paris, 1528)
Jean-Marie Flamand
Der deutsche griechische Dichter Laurentios Rodoman
Walther Ludwig
Florent Chrestien pindarise sous la houlette d'Henri Estienne. Unpsaume des montees en versgrecs CPs. 127hebreu) dans la version publiee en 1566 et dans un autographe
Alessandra Lukinovich
Springlesen: eine akrostichische Form bei Propertius und Filelfo
Martin Steinruck
Metric "mistakes" in the Greek epigrams ofAngelo Poliziano
Martin Steinruck
Imitation of the Carmina Moralia of St. Gregory of Nazianzus in the 16th-century Greek Poetry of Lithuania
Tomas Veteikis
IV Humanist Greek texts
A New Epigram of Matthew Devaris
Grigory Vorobyev
Greek Verses ofDamianus Benessa
Vlado Rezar
"Dc poSov ev aicavOcuq - `As a Rose Among the Thorns': Anna Maria van Schurman and Her Correspondences in Greek
Pieta van Beek
An Unpublished Greek Letter of Isma `el Bullialdus to Anna Maria van Schurman
Antoine Haaker
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