E-raamat: IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: Time Efficient Training Secrets for Breakthrough Fitness

  • Formaat: 288 pages, black & white illustrations, black & white line drawings
  • Ilmumisaeg: 01-Jan-2013
  • Kirjastus: The Lyons Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780762791743
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  • Formaat: 288 pages, black & white illustrations, black & white line drawings
  • Ilmumisaeg: 01-Jan-2013
  • Kirjastus: The Lyons Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780762791743

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Fully illustrated with depictions of proper exercise technique, this book contains exciting strength training programs based on sport (e.g., triathlon, running, cycling, swimming) and levels from beginner to advanced. For the marathon runner, triathlete, duathlete, distance swimmer, or cyclist, these programs will complement any other training regimen an athlete follows. Written without confusing jargon, IronFit® Stregth Training… provides concise and easy-to-follow information.

Don and Melanie Fink of IronFit® have coached hundreds of athletes over several decades at all levels, from weekend warriors to world champions. Their innovative approaches to strength training and nutrition not only complement an athlete’s sport-specific training, but they do so in the most time-efficient and enjoyable way possible. Multi-sport and multi-leveled, this book provides 27 specific program schedules – 9 sports and 3 levels each to give readers: 1) A progressive strength and core training program for their specific sport and level. 2) A mind and body preparation program to maximize benefits. 3) A traveling strength and core program for travel with little or no equipment. 4) A fueling and hydration routine to maximize performance before, during, and after competition. 5) A healthy eating and lifestyle plan.

Introduction viii
Chapter 1 The Power of Functional Strength and Core Training
Chapter 2 Start Off on the Right Foot: Mind and Body Preparation
Chapter 3 The Optimal Strength- and Core-Training Program for You
The Fink Five
Long-Course Triathlete (Half-Iron to Ultra Distance)
Short-Course Triathlete (Sprint to Olympic Distance)
Runners-Road Racer (5K to Full Marathon)
Runners-Ultra Distance (50K to 100 Miles)
Distance Cyclist
Swimmers-Distance and Open Water
Cross-Country Skier
Adventure Racer
Special Travel Program
Chapter 4 Drop the Excuses: Just Get Lean
Chapter 5 Your Optimal Healthy Eating Plan
Plan 1500: 1,500 Balanced-Calorie Plan
Plan 1750: 1,750 Balanced-Calorie Plan
Plan 2000: 2,000 Balanced-Calorie Plan
Plan 2250: 2,250 Balanced-Calorie Plan
Plan 2500: 2,500 Balanced-Calorie Plan
Chapter 6 Winning Hydration for Endurance Athletes
Chapter 7 Powerful Fueling for Endurance Athletes
Chapter 8 Fueling and Hydration Plans for Training and Competition
Chapter 9 Make IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition Work for You
Acknowledgments 258(1)
Glossary 259(4)
Suggested Reading 263(2)
Index 265(10)
About the Authors 275
Don and Melanie Fink of IronFit (R) (IronFit.com) have trained athletes on five continents to personal records and breakthrough performances. The author of Be IronFit, 2nd Ed.: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness and Mastering the Marathon: Time Efficient Training Secrets for the 40-plus Athlete (both from Lyons Press), Don has raced more than thirty Iron-distance triathlons, Ultraman, and other contests and has recorded age-group victories and course records. Melanie has raced 12 Iron-distance races, Ultraman, and has age group and overall victories in triathlon, running and open water swimming competitions throughout the world. They live in Morris County, New Jersey.