Mapplethorpe and the Flower: Radical Sexuality and the Limits of Control [Kõva köide]

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Vast tracts of criticism have been devoted to Robert Mapplethorpe's infamous persona as a sexual outlaw and to his more notorious photographs, especially his S and M imagery. In Mapplethorpe and the Flower, Derek Conrad Murray refocuses this critical gaze and produces the first book-length examination of the artist's flower photographs. Mapplethorpe was a dedicated and disciplined formalist, who was committed to identifying what was most beautiful about his subject and whose precise and controlled photography belied his permissive public image. In this book, Murray offers the exciting interpretation that the flower images represent the apogee of Mapplethorpe's marriage of formal sophistication with his own conceptual bravado. He thus allows for a provocative new reading of this fascinating artist, which challenges the myth that has grown around him.
Introduction: A Vision Apart
Chapter One: A Promiscuous Eye: Mapplethorpe and His Discontents
Chapter Two: Flower: An Incendiary Formalism
Chapter Three: Mapplethorpe and Araki: On The Visual Erotics of the Flower
Chapter Four: The Limits of Control Bibliography Index
Derek Conrad Murray is Associate Professor of the History of Art and Visual Culture at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His research focuses on the junctures of African-American and African diasporic art, post-black art and aesthetics, cultural theory, identity, and representation. He has contributed to leading magazines and journals of contemporary art and visual culture, including American Art, Art in America, Art Journal, Third Text, and Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art where he currently serves as associate editor.

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