E-raamat: The Mystery of Yawning in Physiology and Disease

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Yawning is a stereotyped phylogenetically ancient phenomenon that occurs in almost all vertebrates. As an emotional behavior and an expressive movement, yawning has many consequences; nevertheless, it has so far been poorly addressed in medical research and practice. Bringing together the latest research from many fields, this volume integrates current insights within embryology, ethology, neurophysiology, psychology, fMRI and pathology. The phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects of yawning offer an interesting perspective on human development, and its occurrence in neurological diseases - an area explored by only a few investigators - may provide useful clinical information. This book will make valuable and fascinating reading to neurologists, sleep specialists, psychologists, ethologists and pharmacologists, as well as to anybody interested in uncovering the mystery of yawning.
List of Contributors
Preface ix
Bogousslavsky, J.
Foreword x
Walusinski, O.
Historical Perspectives
Walusinski, O.
Popular Knowledge and Beliefs
Walusinski, O.
Yawning throughout Life
Giganti, F.
Salzarulo, P.
Fetal Yawning
Walusinski, O.
Sleep, Sleepiness and Yawning
Giganti, F.
Zilli, I.
Aboudan, S.
Salzarulo, P.
Interplay between Yawning and Vigilance: A Review of the Experimental Evidence
Guggisberg, A.G.
Mathis, J.
Hess, C.W.
The Hidden Sexuality of the Yawn and the Future of Chasmology
Seuntjens, W.
Non-Human Primates: A Comparative Developmental Perspective on Yawning
Anderson, J.R.
Punishment-Induced Fear Modifies the Daily Course of Yawning in Rats
Moyaho, A.
Valencia, J.
A Thermoregulatory Behavior
Gallup, A.C.
Neurophamacology of Yawning
Collins, G.T.
Eguibar, J.R.
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Yawn; Yawn, Yawn, Yawn! The Social, Evolutionary and Neuroscientific Facets of Contagious Yawning
Platek, S.M.
Developmental and Comparative Perspectives of Contagious Yawning
Senju, A.
Methodological Problems in the Study of Contagious Yawning
Campbell, M.W.
De Waal, F.B.M.
Exploring Yawning with Neuroimaging
Nahab, F.B.
Associated Movements in Hemiplegic Limbs during Yawning
Meenakshisundaram, R.
Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, P.
Walusinski, O.
Muthusundari, A.
Sweni, S.
Associated Diseases
Walusinski, O.
Author Index 156(1)
Subject Index 157