E-raamat: Red Moon

  • Formaat: 464 pages
  • Ilmumisaeg: 25-Oct-2018
  • Kirjastus: Orbit
  • ISBN-13: 9780356508818
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  • Formaat: 464 pages
  • Ilmumisaeg: 25-Oct-2018
  • Kirjastus: Orbit
  • ISBN-13: 9780356508818
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'A masterpiece' Times 'Any new novel by the great Kim Stanley Robinson is always an event and Red Moon doesn't disappoint' Independent 'Sci-fi fans will love the detail and the optimism about humanity's future in space' Wall Street Journal IT IS THIRTY YEARS FROM NOW, AND WE HAVE COLONISED THE MOON. American Fred Fredericks is making his first trip, his purpose to install a communications system for China's Lunar Science Foundation. But hours after his arrival he witnesses a murder and is forced into hiding. It is also the first visit for celebrity travel reporter Ta Shu. He has contacts and influence, but he too will find that the moon can be a perilous place for any traveler. Finally, there is Chan Qi. She is the daughter of the Minister of Finance, and without doubt a person of interest to those in power. She is on the moon for reasons of her own, but when she attempts to return to China, in secret, the events that unfold will change everything - on the moon, and on Earth. Red Moon is a magnificent novel of space exploration and political revolution from New York Times bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson. Recent titles by Kim Stanley Robinson: 2312 Shaman Aurora New York 2140


Utterly immersive and unexpectedly hopeful -- RT BOOK REVIEWS One of the most exciting books in climate change fiction yet written... Both immensely readable and timely -- LITHUB There have been more than a few environmental catastrophe tales set in a future New York, but possibly none of them have been this interesting -- LOCUS Sci-fi fans will love the detail and the optimism about humanity's future in space * Wall Street Journal * This may well be Robinson's masterpiece and is surely the most important piece of sf in years -- MORNING STAR Beautiful descriptions of lunar landscapes * Guardian * One of the finest writers of his generation * Locus * Only sci-fi can drown Manhattan and make you want to live there -- BLOOMBERG BUSINESS WEEK Starkly beautiful and fundamentally optimistic -- THE CONVERSATION A compelling vision of the future * Science * The lunar landscape is a source of beautifully described detail * Kirkus * Like all great sci-fi, New York 2140 is as much inward-looking as it is forward- . . . Robinson's work has a strong, intelligent social conscience -- GQ It's near impossible to capture the vibrance of the entire city in the span of one single novel, yet Kim Stanley Robinson manages to do just that and more -- NEWSWEEK Another stellar effort from one of the masters of the genre * Booklist * A wise and big-hearted novel to read and then, straight away, read again * SFX * Even at 600-plus pages, there's a leanness to the prose that keeps the plot moving forwards . . . Robinson handles setpieces with aplomb -- SFX Any new novel by the great Kim Stanley Robinson is always an event and Red Moon doesn't disappoint * Independent * Robinson's writing is so evocative that you can imagine that any one of his paragraphs could feature in the film of the book . . . a thoughtful, innovative page turner -- STARBURST Robinson seamlessly binds together characters and narrative strands . . . An immensely enjoyable reading experience * SciFiNow * A deeply realised world that feels more like a peep into our future than a work of fiction * New Scientist * A masterpiece * The Times * Robinson is one of the world's finest working novelists, in any genre. New York 2140 is a towering novel about a genuinely grave threat to civilisation -- GUARDIAN

Chapter One Nengshang nengxia
Can Go Up Can Go Down (Xi)
Al 1 Shen yu Oracle
Chapter Two Bchmshu tansuo
Quantum Wave Collapse
TA SHU 1 Yueliang defenmian
The Birth of the Moon
Chapter Three Taoguang yanghui
Keep a Low Profile (Deng)
Al 2 Ganrao shebei
Interference with the Device
TA SHU 2 Xia yi bu The Next Step
Chapter Four Di chu Earthrise
TA SHU 3 Yueliang ten Moon Person
Chapter Five Tao dao diqiu shang Escape to Earth
Al 3 Shexian ren zai chuxian
Reappearance of the Subject
Chapter Six Liangzichanjie Entanglement
Chapter Seven Nu neng ding ban bian tian
Women Hold Up Half the Sky (Mao)
Al 4 Shexian ren shizongle
Disappearance of the Subject
TA SHU 4 Laojia Ancestral Home
Chapter Eight Tai diejia yuanli Superposition
TA SHU 5 Da huozhe xiao Big or Small
Al 5 Wolidou Infighting
Chapter Nine Tao dao yueliang shang
Escape to the Moon
Al 6 Jimi tongxin Secure Communication
Chapter Ten Zhongguo Meng China Dream
Al 7 Zhiyou guanlianjie Only Connect
TA SHU 6 Qi ge hao liyou
The Seven Good Reasons
Chapter Eleven Xiaokang Ideal Equal Society
Al 8 Lianxi Contact
Chapter Twelve Zhengzhi luxian de zhenglun
Debates About Theory
Al 9 Xue Hang Sharp Eyes
Chapter Thirteen Bei ai Sorrow
Al 10 Zou Go
Chapter Fourteen hai-3 Helium Three
Al 11 Xiao yanzhu Little Eyeball
Chapter Fifteen Mozhe shitou guo he
Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones (Deng)
Chapter Sixteen Tianxia All Under Heaven
Al 12 Houhui Regret
TA SHU 7 Tao Yuan Xing
Source of the Peach Blossom Stream (Wang Wei)
Chapter Seventeen Shoulie laohu Tiger Hunting
Al 13 Mei hao sheng huo
A Beautiful Life (Xi)
Chapter Eighteen Liliang pingheng Balance of Forces
Chapter Nineteen Daibiao xing weiji
Crisis of Representation
TA SHU 8 Feng shui Wind Water
Al 14 Zhengming wanbi QED
Chapter Twenty Chaodai jicheng Dynastic Succession
Kim Stanley Robinson is a New York Times bestseller and winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards. He is the author of more than twenty books, including the bestselling Mars trilogy, 2312, Aurora and New York 2140. In 2008 he was named a 'Hero of the Environment' by Time magazine, and he works with the Sierra Nevada research institute. He lives in Davis, California.