TASK Boxed Set of 10 Modules 2015 2015 [Board book]

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"A very important awareness-raising package for all who use it - including teachers and professors." "A must for every university and academic institution where overseas students are studying for a degree." "Exceptionally clear, motivating and highly relevant to student achievement." "The glossaries are particularly helpful as are the many references to websites which develop ideas mentioned in the text." Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Award judges "The most up-to-date and student-friendly collection of skills-based workbooks." Dr Monika Foster, Napier University "Equips students with skills which are necessary and transferable to work contexts." IATEFL Voices Newsletter "It's fantastic." Barbara Betinelli, Milan State University, Italy "Very useful in helping to promote learner autonomy, critical reflection and intercultural competence." Cynthia Sikorski, University of Lausanne, Switzerland "This series comprises 12 slim booklets which can be used in any combination. Potentially, a school could use them as part of their programme to give senior students tools for their next academic step. However, they are designed to be used in a university preparatory year. Whatever the context, they would equip students with skills which are necessary to actualise their academic potential and are transferable to work contexts. Garnet lists the book as 'English for Academic and Specific Purposes', suggesting that they are accessible to both first and second English language speakers. TASK (Transferable Academic Skills Kit), created by members of the International Foundation Programme at the University of Reading, is intended to address the varied needs of British and international students studying a range of academic disciplines. For more details, see http://www.garneteducation.com. Looking at Scientific Writing was interesting, as my personal knowledge is slight. Working through this book, my confidence in approaching the task was high. With Presentations there is the assumption that the student will have seen lots of different presentations and have some tools with which to judge their quality. The remainder of the booklet makes valuable points. It would be nice to see some advice against the overwhelming use of PowerPoint presentations. Introduction to IT Skills gives a useful introduction to Microsoft Word and the Excel spreadsheet package. It covers some basic tasks which are likely to be helpful and, at the very least, establishes a satisfactory baseline of skills. In Module 4, Team-Working, a number of specific tasks clarify team work in various contexts. The exercises examine the strengths and needs of the learner - a useful module as a stand-alone. One of the benefits is that the series can be followed as a complete course or individual modules can be selected to address specific needs. In each module there are extension exercises as well as a glossary of terms. Each module is packed with ideas, exercises and content that will assist students. These booklets have great potential and would be best used to support a taught course, facilitated by someone with reasonable knowledge and able to offer some guidance, support and encouragement." Richard Messenger, Advisory Teacher, Qatar Education Reform Project for iatefl Voices, Issue 201, Ma The whole idea of putting together a series of books which aims to teach these skills is excellent and all credit goes to the University of Reading for this. There are 12 books in the series and they are short and easy to read and understand. They cover the areas which foreign students entering the country require to familiarise themselves with and are a good introduction to academic life. The books provide a invaluable introduction to University life to students who have come from a variety of educational backgrounds and who, without some help, might find themselves initially lost, confused and therefore disadvantaged in their learning. Likewise they are not without relevance to home students who leave schools with adequate qualifications but are not prepared for the additional skills of university life. * Key Foundation Skills (ISBN 978-1-85964-915-2) Here the students have to think about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. The importance of organisational skills and time management is stressed. * Academic Culture (ISBN 978-1-85964-916-9) The students examine their expectations of the institution and its academic staff as well as the expectations placed on them as students as an understanding of these can avoid miscommunication. * Seminars and Tutorials (ISBN 978-1-85964-917-6) An introduction to the method of teaching in British Universities. They familiarise themselves with the key features of seminars and tutorials. * Team-working (ISBN 978-1-85964-918-3) In British institutions the ability to work in teams is essential. This Unit explores the benefits of collaborative study. * Problem-solving (978-1-85964-919-0) The strategies required in problem solving are dealt with, as are the importance of objectivity and creativity. * Critical Thinking (978-1-85964-920-6) This unit introduces the basis of critical thinking and the recognition of what is sound unbiased argumentation. * Introduction to IT Skills (ISBN 978-1-85964-921-3) Basic IT skills are essential in academic life and this Unit provides an introduction to the aspects that the student will require. * Essay Writing (ISBN 978-1-85964-922-0) This is an indispensable Unit for students required to write essays and it teaches the importance of presenting arguments in a logical sequence and in the correct register. * Scientific Writing (ISBN 978-1-85964-923-7) This deals with the style of report writing for students studying scientific subjects is. * Research and Referencing (ISBN 978-1-85964-924-4) Students are helped to understand the importance of research in strengthening their essays and are also made aware of plagiarism and the importance of a bibliography. * Presentations (ISBN 978-1-85964-925-1) Here the basic skills required in the making of a presentation are taught. * Examination Technique (ISBN 978-1-85964-926-8) The final Unit deals with the techniques of taking examinations in a British institution. The 12 units cover all the important aspects of study at British Institutions. The authors are obviously experienced teachers in these and have presented the various topics simply and accessibly to both foreign students and home students beginning life in University. Maria Moni, Aberdeen College Transferable Academic Skills Kit - 12 essential steps to academic success. A. Manning, L. Norris, C. Nukui, F.McGarry, E. Wilding, A. O'Cain, A. Fava-Verde, J. Brooks, F. Russell, P. Harvey, P. Griffiths and R. De Witt. (2007) Garnet Education, University of Reading. ISBN 978185964927-5, pp between 26 and 42 (depending on the booklet). This is a very interesting publication created by members of the academic staff of the International Foundation Programme at the University of Reading. The aim of the material is to meet the educational needs of international students who come to study in the UK. The material consists of 12 booklets devoted to various subjects: Key Foundation Skills, Academic Culture, Seminars and Tutorials, Team Working, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Introduction to IT Skills, Essay Writing, Scientific Writing, Research and Referencing, Presentations, Examination Technique. The materials can be followed as a complete course or, alternatively, individual modules. There is no focus on one concrete academic area or discipline; the topics come from different fields and therefore are ideal for a foundation course at university or a CLIL course in secondary education preparing for subsequent university courses in English. The level of English is not very high, B1/B2, so it may not be suitable for pupils or students whose level of English is higher and who are more sophisticated. Humanising Language Teaching, Year 13, Issue 5, October 2011 "TASK is a perfect course for students who are preparing for academic programs, because it gives our students a great opportunity to practise effectively." PAY Chheng How, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, University of Cambodia

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