Vital Vinyl Volume 3: Rockin' The House [Vinüül]

Hard-core grooves, huge guitars, vocals & skratch material. This record is filled with authentic, original rock tools for DJs. The heavy metal tracks on side one include drum sections, bass & drum sections, full band sections and huge rhythm guitar sections that can be cut up in the studio or manipulated live to suit your needs. Played straight through, the tracks build to a fever pitch and can be used by DJs, MCs or singers to skratch, rhyme or wail over. The last track on side one contains skratch substance with lots of attitude. Side two will let you turn your wheel of steel into a scorching electric guitar. The first track contains outrageous lead lines, trills and arpeggios that can be vari-speeded into different keys and tempos. The rest of the side provides more than an entire octave of guitar power chords to needle drop into virtually any metal song you can imagine. Turntablists in bands: Upstage your guitar player!