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    • 1. E-raamat: Lord of Formosa [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 26-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Camphor Press Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781788691383)
    • The year is 1624. In southwestern Taiwan the Dutch establish a trading settlement; in Nagasaki a boy is born who will become immortalized as Ming dynasty loyalist Koxinga. Lord of Formosa tells the intertwined stories of Koxinga and the Dutch colony... Loe edasi...
    • 2. E-raamat: Come from Away [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 24-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Simon & Schuster, ISBN-13: 9781501142925)
    • From the bestselling author of Tides of Honour and Promises to Keep comes a poignant novel about a young couple caught on opposite sides of the Second World War.In the fall of 1939, Grace Bakers three brothers, sharp and proud in their uniforms, boa... Loe edasi...
    • 3. E-raamat: West: A Novel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 24-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Scribner Book Company, ISBN-13: 9781501179365)
    • ;To read Carys Daviess West is to encounter a myth, or potent dreama narrative at once new and timeless. Claire Messud ;Carys Davies is a deft, audacious visionary. Ta ObrehtWhen widowed mule breeder Cy Bellman reads in the newspaper that coloss... Loe edasi...
    • 4. E-raamat: Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 24-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Open Road Media, ISBN-13: 9781504050524)
    • A Confederate soldier confronts the horror of battle and the power of grace in this ;poignant, haunting, and important novel of the Civil War (The Tennessean, Nashville). A New York Times Notable Book and Winner of the William Boyd Award for Best M... Loe edasi...
    • 5. E-raamat: Judas Field: A Novel of the Civil War [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 24-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Open Road Media, ISBN-13: 9781504050531)
    • The author of The Black Flower ;re-creates ( a) seminal moment in American history with prose that is vivid, unflinching, and often incantatory (TheWashington Post Book World). A Washington Post Book World Best Book of the Year and Winner of the Mic... Loe edasi...
    • 6. E-raamat: Year of Jubilo: A Novel of the Civil War [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 24-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Open Road Media, ISBN-13: 9781504050548)
    • A ;sweeping, cinematic story of rebellion, loyalty, revenge, and reawakened romance set in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War (The New York Times Book Review). A New York Times Notable Book The last time Gawain Harper saw Cumberland, Mississ... Loe edasi...
    • 7. E-raamat: Orphan's Courage [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: HarperCollins Publishers, ISBN-13: 9780008211646)
    • Heartache and hardship in Londons East End, from the bestselling author of The Orphans of Halfpenny StreetSt Saviours childrens home in Londons East End has provided a safe refuge for local children for decades and Sister Beatrice and her team are... Loe edasi...
    • 8. E-raamat: Restless Sea [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: HarperCollins Publishers, ISBN-13: 9780008229818)
    • The sure-footedness of a pro, an amazing debut Jeffrey ArcherAbsorbing and richly observed, THE RESTLESS SEA is a masterful story of the turbulent years of the Second World War.Three lives collide in a way that only the war makes possible...Jack, a... Loe edasi...
    • 9. E-raamat: Circe [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, ISBN-13: 9781408890066)
    • From the Orange Prize-winning, internationally bestselling author of The Song of Achilles comes the powerful story of the mythological witch Circe, inspired by Homers OdysseyChosen as must-read book of 2018 by the Guardian, Independent, Mail on Sund... Loe edasi...
    • 10. E-raamat: Electrical Venus [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Bonnier Publishing Fiction, ISBN-13: 9781471406492)
    • A spellbinding story of romance and discovery set in the filth and thrill of an eighteenth-century side-show, perfect if you loved The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock or CaravalCan this shocking new feeling be love, or is it electrickery?In a lowly side-show... Loe edasi...
    • 11. E-raamat: Retribution: The Centurions III [e-raamat]

    • Sari: The Centurions
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Hodder & Stoughton General Division, ISBN-13: 9781473628823)
    • The action-filled climax of the epic story of the Batavi uprising in AD 69, from the author of the bestselling Empire series. A master of the genre - The TimesVictory is in sight for Kivilaz and his Batavi army. The Roman army clings desperately to... Loe edasi...
    • 12. E-raamat: Youngest Miss Ward: A Jane Austen Sequel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Pan Macmillan, ISBN-13: 9781509877997)
    • Jane Austens Mansfield Park famously narrates the story of poor little Fanny Price sent to live with her mothers grander sisters - the Ward family. Written almost two centuries later, Joan Aikens powerful sequel introduces us to The Youngest Miss... Loe edasi...
    • 13. E-raamat: Deception [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Pan Macmillan, ISBN-13: 9781509878116)
    • Two very different - yet physically identical - young ladies meet at a boarding school once attended by Jane Austen in Joan Aikens engrossing historical novel, Deception.Self-righteous Louisa wants to escape her grand family life in Northumberland a... Loe edasi...
    • 14. E-raamat: Albi [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 19-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Honno Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781909983755)
    • Albi is nine years old when Francos soldiers arrive in the village and his life begins to change in confusing ways. Its not clear quite who should be trusted and who should not. Some neighbours disappear not to be seen again, others are hidden from... Loe edasi...
    • 16. E-raamat: Wolf [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 17-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Penguin Books Ltd, ISBN-13: 9781405922418)
    • Breathless, gripping, up-all-night reading Nora Roberts. A mysterious stranger. A deadly task. A dark secret hidden for sixty years... When State Trooper Skottie Foster moves back home to rural Kansas, shes hoping for a new start. But then a chanc... Loe edasi...
    • 17. E-raamat: Unmourned: A Novel [e-raamat]

    • Sari: Monsarrat Trilogy
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 17-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Atria Books, ISBN-13: 9781501167201)
    • Charming gentleman convict Hugh Monsarrat returns in this second novel in the thrilling and spellbinding historical crime series from Thomas Keneally and his daughter Meg Keneally featuring his signature ;fresh and engaging (The New York Times) pro... Loe edasi...
    • 19. E-raamat: Magician's Wife: A Novel [e-raamat]

    • (Ilmumisaeg: 17-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Open Road Media, ISBN-13: 9781504050319)
    • The restless wife of an illusionist becomes embroiled in a North African holy war in this ;tour de force of historical fiction (The New York Times). Early in her marriage to renowned prestidigitator Henri Lambert, Emmeline had exulted in his fame,... Loe edasi...
    • 20. E-raamat: Riley and the Great War [e-raamat]

    • Sari: The Riley Series
    • (Ilmumisaeg: 16-Apr-2018, EPUB+DRM, Kirjastus: Three Ocean Press, ISBN-13: 9781988915050)
    • Quiet, intense, and deadly, Riley is fated never to live the respectable life he convinces himself he craves. Smart, witty, and cocky, Cornelius fancies himself a lover, though hes actually a bit of a bastard. Together, theyre a force to be reckone... Loe edasi...
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